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 Norton Ghost 14.0

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PostSubject: Norton Ghost 14.0   Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:36 am

* The conversion assistant of virtualizaci�n turns physical images for use into instances of VMware.
* A rapid, efficient and sure support provides a support coded with password and allows him to define the level of compression and the quantity of resources{resorts} used for the supports.
* The support of speed control allows him to keep on using his team{equipment} while supports happen in flat second without hobbles.
* The optimization of automatic storage administers the number of reviews of a specific file that keep.
* The state{condition} of instantaneous system shows all the programmed supports and the protection grade of support for every unit{unity} of disc for the team{equipment}, quite in a sight.
* The options of multiple storage allow him to endorse almost any way, including CDR/RW and DVD +-R/RW, USB and devices FireWire (IEEE 1394), units of network and units of disc Iomega, Zip and Jaz

Requests of the System

Operating system
Operating systems Windows of 32 � 64 bits:

* Seen Windows Home Basic
* Seen Windows Home Premium
* Seen Windows Ultimate
* Seen Windows Business
* Windows XP Home (SP2 or later{posterior})
* Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later{posterior})
* Windows XP Average{Half} Center Edition (SP2 or later{posterior})
Memory RAM
Requisites of memory for key components:

* Norton Ghost Agent: 256 MB
* Interface of user and Explorer of Points of Recovery of Norton Ghost: 256 MB
* Disc of Recovery of Symantec: 512 MB minimum

Free space on hard disk

* Service of Norton Ghost 65.2 MB
* Explorer of Points of Recovery: 30.6 MB
* Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0: 280 MB of space on hard disk needed for teams{equipments} of 32 bits and 610 MB for teams{equipments} of 64 bits
* Points of recovery: Sufficient space on hard disk in a unit{unity} of local disc or servant of network to store the points of recovery

Unit{Unity} of CD - ROM or of DVD-ROM
The unit{unity} can be of any speed, but debit be able to be begun again from the BIOS.

Norton Ghost uses technology of Gear Software. To verify that his tape recorder{graver} of CD or DVD is compatible, the document consults Units of DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM and compatible CD-R/RW. He{she} can find information regarding his unit{unity} if he{she} knows the name of the manufacturer and the number of model.

Framework 2.0 is needed .NET to execute Norton Ghost 14.0.
If .NET Framework 2.0 is not installed previously, Norton Ghost 14.0 will install it for you

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Norton Ghost 14.0
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