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 Backup4all Pro 4.3 Build 168

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PostSubject: Backup4all Pro 4.3 Build 168   Wed Nov 11, 2009 5:58 pm

Backup4all Pro 4.3 Build 168 | 18Mb

Backup4all is an award-winning backup application for Windows.The application was designed to protect your valuable data from partial or total loss by automating backup tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space.

The application is feature rich and offers an intuitive interface making all features easily accessible for both beginners and professionals.

The application can perform all four backup types: full, incremental, differential and mirror. Using the wizard you can easily set up any backup configuration you wish.

You can define powerful file filters and schedule your backups any way you want. Once a backup is performed, you can see what files changed since the last backup using the explorer-like tree view or you can read the statistics about the next backup execution.

You can use the context menu from the tree to run standard actions associated with the file type.

Backup4all creates standard zip files. This means that your data is not at the mercy of the utility itself; you can access it with any zip compatible utility.

Backups larger than 2GB will be automatically split into more individual zip files, making them compatible with both WinZip and PKZip.

Backup4all can perform incremental backup to keep track of file versions. You can easily restore any version of files or a whole folder. You can filter files to be restored.

Backup4all works with any drive letter, including mapped network drives and UNC paths. The application comes with its own built-in CD burning support.

Just set the destination on CD and execute the backup item. However, if you prefer, you can use UDF format (using products such as DirectCD or InCD).

What's New in This Release:

· New: Backup to SFTP was added
· New: Added a new option that lets you Backup all groups
· New: Option to split files larger than a specific size for FTP backups
· New: Select the scheduler priority
· New: Split the backup according to a number of files/folders
· New: Change the scheduler username and password for multiple jobs
· New: New option to "Store temporary catalog data in memory"
· New: "Minimize to tray when finished" added for backup on demand
· Fix: Pressing Cancel during the Clean operation is not possible anymore
· Fix: "Last Backup" and "Last backup status" from Brief view will be updated even if no files were backed up
· Fix: Cancel backup during catalog upload will not result in a corrupt catalog
· Fix: Test with warnings for Backup4all configurations plugin on Vista
· Fix: Index out of bounds during independent test for mirror
· Fix: Backup4all did not close after run for backups on demand
· Fix: Standalone scheduler fix (was not starting if application was not start..

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Backup4all Pro 4.3 Build 168
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